InstallMarket is a platform where businesses can post their technology installation needs and connect with our network of trusted installation professionals through the InstallPartners program. The idea resulted from the companys search for a reliable installation contractor in certain Florida markets. As a two-sided marketplace, we connect companies looking to deploy products with a network of installation professionals at InstallPartners generating business opportunities between them and optimizing their efficiency and productivity with technological tools specifically designed to manage the successful deployment of aftermarket products. Overtime, the database of local services and reviews was moved to the Internet. In the following years, the customer base and business relationships grew throughout the United States, while expanding coverage to include additional services, such as home related installation products as well as business related deployment products. Connect with vetted pros, read verified reviews & get fair pricing for all your installation projects & services.

At InstallPartners, you can choose from a variety of installation programs.

Self Managed

1.- Self Managed

With this option, businesses are responsible for managing their own group of installers, but they can still take advantage of the additional benefits offered by InstallMarket.

Fully Managed

2.- Fully Managed

This is a comprehensive installation solution where InstallMarket handles most aspects of the process, including contracting installers, managing them, reviewing their performance history, and coordinating appointments with customers. The company also gathers necessary information about the installation, such as vehicle and asset details, hours of availability, and location, to determine the best installer or team for the job. InstallMarket then schedules the installation, dispatches the team, and provides internal technical support to ensure a smooth and successful process. This option is designed to take care of all the details that are often overlooked or not considered in advance.