InstallMarket is part of InstallPartners, a service of Fleetz. InstallMarket is in BETA MODE.

Question: What if I no longer want to participate in the program?
Answer: You can disable yourself or your company by logging in to the platform and selecting to place your account in the “Inactive” mode.

Question: What is the cost to register at
Answer: Registration is Free at

Question: Will I have to pay in the future?
Answer: Our plan is to maintain registration at InstallMarket free forever. Future fees have not been determined at this time.

Question: When will change to a fee based model?
Answer: After the Beta stage ends, there will be further updates to our fees. But don’t worry, you won’t be charged for anything unless you agree.

Question: How many installers are registered in your system and for particular areas?
Answer: The number of install professionals will be based on how many qualified installers register to use the platform. All installers will be vetted to meet a certain criteria.

Question: How much work am I being guaranteed?
Answer: We do not guarantee work for any registered installation providers. The system is designed to connect installation needs with installation providers.

Question: Who pays the installer?
Answer: It depends on the choice of program you participate with. We will provide more details on our programs as we launch into full production mode.

Question: Who is behind
Answer: Fleetz is behind and We are a group of professional installers from the 12 Volt electronics industry currently focused on technology solutions for the industry.

Question: What product categories are you providing installation services for at this time?
Answer: Through the InstallPartners program, the installation services include GPS tracking, Dashcams, ELD, HOS/Hours of Service, Fuel Management, Temperature Sensors, Automotive Security, Remote Start, Car Radio, Speakers, Subwoofers, Keyless Entry, Vehicle Infotainment and other related products.

Question: Do I need to add a credit card for registration?
Answer: At the present time, we are not collecting any banking or credit card information. The future may be different but by that time, you will have probably received some work from us.